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nonstopfresh is a magazine published by aartsenfruit that reflects our corporate identity. It features articles about the daily goings-on at aartsenfruit, such as items about our staff, our clients and the introduction of new aartsenfruit brands. However, all kinds of other interesting subjects are also discussed here.

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Grapes from Asia


China is the world’s largest fruit producer, exporting to over 100 countries. Around 65% of Chinese exports go to Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Russia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Careers at aartsenfruit


Where do you want to work? Here, that’s were! As aartsenfruit is experiencing huge growth, the company is constantly looking for employees who are ambitious, committed and fit in with the company…

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Blue banana the foundation for the future


Blue Banana? That’s a term that gets you thinking, right? It’s the name of a large and far-reaching project at aartsenfruit. We’re going to replace the existing computer system with a new system. And…

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